New interview with Douglas McCarthy

Richard Clouston interviewed Nitzer Ebb frontman and founding member Douglas McCarthy for Fact Magazine. He talks about the group’s early post-punk years, touring with Depeche Mode, acid house anthems and the new album, working title ICP.

There you will also find a special free download: a selection of classic Ebb remixes chosen by Douglas!

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NEP Headliner Show in Brazil

Nitzer Ebb will be headlining the Madame Sata Fest in Sao Paulo / Brazil on August 15th, 2009.

August 15th, 2009
Monte Castelo Eventos
São Paulo

Video Game Burlesque with Bon & Jason

Jason Payne and Bon Harris if Nitzer Ebb turned classic video game themes into electronica lounge songs.

Opening the night was a performance from Nitzer Ebb members Bon Harris and Jason Payne. With Harris in a sweater vest, Payne in a propeller beanie and both in taped-up, thick frame glasses, the EBM stalwarts played a set of reconstructed video game music. Samples from Donkey Kong and other beloved games were twisted into beat-heavy jams fit for a night at the industrial club as the duo moved in a stiff, robotic fashion that resembled the Tri-Lambs homecoming prize winning routine.


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