Tracklist Remix CD

The bonus remix disc contains 9 remixes of the tracks I Am Undone, My Door Is Open and Once You Say by Alan Wilder, Christopher Kah, Terence Fixmer and other artists. The remixes will be featured on a bonus remix disc that will be included with the album. The new album will be released as 2 CD Digipak on Major Records.

01 I Am Undone (Alan Wilder Remix)
02 I Am Undone (Christopher Kah Remix)
03 My Door Is Open (Terence Fixmer Remix)
04 Once You Say (Tom Furse Remix)
05 Once You Say (Celluloide Mix)
06 Once You Say (Orphee-Eeproh Remix)
07 Once You Say (People Theatre Remix)
08 Once You Say (Collapsed System Mix)
09 Once You Say (Suesseborn Sinessence Mix)


1 Comment

  1. Track 09 is actually called “Once You Say (Suessenborn Sinessence Remix)” … Label corrected it too late 😉

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