Black-Head Agency announces Industrial Booom! Festival

The company was founded in the early 90’s with an aim to become a leading concert agency mainly focused in electronic music artists. The Black-Head Agency has organized and hold a lot of concerts of the best electronic artists in Budapest during the 1990s. In 1995 the agency announced a break-up but they returned with a fabolous Front Line Assembly concert in 2007 and then they organized a major Front 242 concert in 2008, which was later released on DVD (‘Moments In Budapest’).

The current project of the agency is a 3 day festival, with specific programs for each day and with well-knowns artists from the European electro-scene. The ‘INDUSTRIAL BOOOM!’ Festival will be held at the Durer Kert – a beloved venue in Budapest. Some really big names are supporting this festival, like VOMITO NEGRO, A SPLIT SECOND, SUICIDE COMMANDO, PRAGER HANDGRIFF, ARMAGEDDON DILDOS, MARLOW, KLOQ feat. DOUGLAS MCCARTHY and THE KLINIK.

Durer Kert
1146 Budapest, Ajtósi Dürer sor 19-21

City Map:

Ticket prices:

3 Days Pass March 24 – 26
6900 HUF (25 €) (until February 21st) (LIMITED TO 350 PIECES!)
8500 HUF (31 €) (until March 21st) (LIMITED TO 200 PIECES!)
11900 HUF (42,5 €) (from March 22nd)

Day 1 – Bruxelles calling March 24
2900 HUF (11 €) (until February 15th) (FOR A LIMITED AMOUNT!)
3900 HUF (14 €) (from February 15th to March 15th)
5900 HUF (21 €) (from March 15th)

Day 2 – Berlin calling March 25
3900 HUF (14 €) (until February 15th) (LIMITED TO 200 PIECES!)
4900 HUF (17,5 €) (from February 15th to March 15th)
6500 HUF (23 €) (from March 15th)

Day 3 – Mixed up Europe! March 26
4500 HUF (16 €) (LIMITED TO 250 PIECES!)
5900 HUF (21 €) (from February 15th to March 15th)
7900 HUF (28 €) (from March 15th)

Tickets available at:

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Nitzer Ebb live at the 2011 AZ Fetish Ball

Nitzer Ebb will be performing at the Fetish Revolution 11 in Scottsdale / USA on February 12th, 2011. More details and get your tickets at the event website!

AZ Fetish Ball Event
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Kloq live 2011 with special guest Douglas McCarthy

Kloq are back in 2011 with new songs and the first performance this year will take place at the Industrial Boom! Festival in Budapest. The band will play on the 26th of March at the Dürer Kert. The slogan of the day is: Mixed Up Europe! Douglas McCarthy will be around as Kloq’s special guest and will perform the tracks they did together for the first album.
Source: neuwerk

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Please join the reworked multimedia site on nitzer ebb website. Now well arranged and filled up with some new and rare nitzer ebb sounds of the last years. Beside the already known tracks of the Basic Pain Procedure Demo Cassette, you have now the oppurtunity to listen some of the tracks of the 1995 Big Hit Demo session, like Kick It! with Bon on vocals or some (until now) unreleased tracks from that session.

Please note: all tracks in it’s original state, therefore the sound quality is moderate. Listen to the songs while you sift through the nitzer ebb website. It is a special website content for loyal nitzer ebb fans, so don’t try to download the tracks and earn money with it!

Tijuana Date confirmed and a happy new year!

Happy new year to all ebbheads from A second Date is already confirmed for Mexico. Nitzer Ebb will be performing in Tijuana at the Black Box on 29.01.2011.

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