The disposability of Douglas J. McCarthy digital releases

Please note the following information in terms of the digital releases of both, single Hey and album Life Is Sucking The Life Out Of Me. Everything will be made clear with the release schedule and the legal situation! The good news is that it is getting sorted out and further release plans are in the pipe! You will get more and detailed information as soon as possible! Thank you for understanding and your support! Douglas is currently in Berlin, preparing for the WGT and FM shows.

The next Dates:

24.05.2012 Berlin – Berghain (F/M)
27.05.2012 Leipzig – Darkflower (DJ Set)
28.05.2012 Leipzig – Wave Gotik Treffen (Solo Show)
02.06.2012 Budapest – Barba Negra Music Club (Solo Show)


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  1. Why no additional news for the fans. It seems so odd that there would be a release announcement and then a delay and then little to no information for the fans. You do in fact have fans that care. Thanks.

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