A quote by Miss K.

“…let’s talk about my nitzer ebb rig …. did u guys notice the two laptops on stage ??? from my little drum riser i was triggering actually drum sounds off the old nitzer ebb records from a laptop through a sound card sent to a drum module that was hooked to my electronic pads and then sent back out to the PA and to all the happy NE fans … I WAS RUNNING BOTH drum sets … bon was running out of his laptop a very stripped down backing tracks with bass lines and a high hat click so we didn’t fall off time …almost the total price of my rig alone with software and sounds cards for nitzer ebb was easily 10 k ( that i paid for, not NE)… i would gladly sit on stage with a high hat, a snare, and fucking kick drum …. but for some reason i thought people would appreciate the fact i was delivering the actual sounds live …. but i guess not ….”

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