Bon in Stockholm

Bon Harris announces the arrival of Nitzer Ebb in Stockholm at the Ericsson Globe.


Bon Harris takes a trip

On a visit to Budapest while supporting Depeche Mode, Bon Harris takes a trip to the former home of one of Hungary’s most famed composers, Bela Bartok.

Industrial Complex hit the charts

Nitzer Ebb’s Industrial Complex hit the official Swedish charts today at Position 50.

The biggest newspaper in Sweden Aftonbladet appears with new NE interview. Headline: Nitzer Ebb are turning the “synth clock” back the right way

Nitzer Ebb Bratislava

The band will play in slovakia’s capital bratislava as well:

March 8th, 2010
City : Bratislava – Slovakia
Venue : Randal Club
Link :

The IC Tour Bloq 2010

is here right now!

The new Industrial Complex Tourbloq 2010 is now available here on Nitzer Ebb WordPress site. There you have the opportunity to leave comments and you will get all news from nitzer ebb in the categorized navigation as well.

Read! and listen carefully

Read and listen two new interviews with Nitzer Ebb. First, Janos Janurik had the opportunity to interview Bon and Jason after the NE Budapest show. Read the complete interview on website:

Interview mit Bon & Jason

Stefan, longtime friend and supporter of webmaster, interviewed Douglas, Bon and Jason via Skype. Listen to the interview now on swedish Zero Magazine Website and later on the NE website too.

Thanks To Stefan and Zero Magazine in Sweden

NE Skype Interview

IC References

As summary some news about the new nitzer ebb industrial complex album.
The new Industrial Complex Record is the Album Of The Week on german website:

Kabel Eins: Album Of The Week

Watch the video of swedish TV4 show review of Nitzer Ebb’s IC Album:

TV4 Video